Best of Living studio has a creative and multidisciplinary team that complements in order to offer its customers a unique, innovative product and, above all, rigorous product, highly adjusted to their specific needs.

The desire to create motivated us to transcend the classical furniture market. We have reinvented our company and now we present ourselves as a team tailored to a more comprehensive approach to design spaces and personalized environments.

Our work is aimed mainly to the realization of your projects and to meet your expectations. We work with tenacity in order to create with you the stage for the best moments of your life!




Whether it be the transformation of a building or the construction of a new one, the involvement of an architect and the elaboration of architecture project will represent an added value for your investment, giving you a guarantee of accuracy and quality that only a transverse vision and grasp of all aspects of the work can assure.


We plan and organize spaces combining various elements, associating aesthetic concerns associate with the unavoidable functional efficiency. Proposals are always customized to match the customer requirements.


We create unique and differentiated products with creativity, accuracy and quality. Professional monitoring is constant across all phases of the product, from its design to its production and delivery.


We create a spatial concept and, on that basis, we define the layout of the space and select all the furniture, lighting and complementary decorative objects, either from the brands we represent or through own manufacturing. It is a job where coordination is the key to success.


A complementary service that allows our customers a better perception of their projects. The use of virtual realistic images will help you realize simply and effectively all aspects of the project, from the functional issues to the proposed finishes.


We ensure you the whole project, from conception to construction. Our technicians will guarantee the coordination and monitoring of the work, reducing partners and ensuring a high level of satisfaction and quality in the product delivered to the customer.